Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Rosscarberry, Ireland Area

We were on our way to Drombeg stone circle on foot from Rosscarberry town and we could see these ruins (Coppingers Court) from a few locations, turns out it was right along our chosen path. I stepped off the lane into an opening in the hedgerow to take a picture and a man came out to the road from the opposite side where there was a farmhouse with a barking dog. He was very friendly and told us the history of the ruins as he could remember and it is on his land so he gave us permission to go climb around inside.

This is Thomas, he lives across the lane from Coppingers Court, this mansion/castle built in the late 1500's.
Thomas has electric fence around the fields and he told us how to get through them and into the ruins.
It was amazing to get to go inside and climb around.

This illustrates the mat of vegetation was growing over most of this side of the building.
The walls were amazingly thick, so was the mat of vegetation, as you can see.

The walls seem really sturdy, like someone with some money and a whole lot of time and ingenuity could fix the place up.

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  1. Wowwwww!
    I can't believe you can just walk right up to it..and into it if you wanted!
    Thomas is wearing my favorite uniform..jeans and blue down vest.
    Nice of him to let you wander about on his land..doesnt seem like something people here in the states would let you do!