Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bright in the Blizzard

So, yeah!
How do you like my outfit?
I won first place in the costume contest for this "get-up".
I was in charge of Crazy Days, I kept hearing people say,
"if Michelle is on charge, why isn't she here today"?
Then I would speak and they would recognize my voice....
it was hilarious.
We had a snaffu with lift operations late in the day and had to evacuate the passengers, I was wearing this while belaying people from the chairlift!
Noone seemed concerned.
Anyone out there recognize where this fine ensemble may have come from?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hula Moon

 We did hula hoop by the light of the giant full moon on the summit of Turner Mountain, but these fotos were taken when Helen had the great idea that we should hula hoop while skiing!  
(I must say, it makes me feel good to know that other people come up with wild ideas too.)
Stay tuned for the videos!
It was Crazy Days at Turner Mountain, I will post those fotos soon.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Missoula Fire Poi.avi

The onset...

Remember the snowy fotos just a few posts ago?
This is the same driveway scene now.....
Now I know why they call it spring!
It is as if a spring has sprung in our driveway, in the banks, water flowing everywhere!


More morning and evening walking commute to yoga class has been in the dark untill this last module,
now there is light during both legs of the journey. It is much different. I love the feel of the mornings and I really did like the darkness and the duskyness, but the light is ok too.
I do love the glow of this lamp in the park. For some reason, this one was different from the rest and the foto really captured the true glow.

Fire Poi

On my evening walk after yoga class and dinner on Saturday night
these folks were playing in the Park! Fire Poi is on my list of things to learn.
(I actually have the practice sock poi and have been twirling in an attempt to learn)
I will attach the video I took soon and you can see some of their really amazing moves!
No one even caught fire!


This shop, called Re-Cycle, is next door to the studio where the Yoga Teacher Training is held.
I am, of course, mesmerized by the creativity seen here and by the comings and goings of the artists/bikers/patrons of this wonder-filled place!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


After a full day of shovelling the pathways, parking spots, shed roof, camper,
 the basement windows & the neighbor ladies paths, a friend showed up
all excited about ALL the snow and we immediately donned our cross-
country skis and took off breaking trail around the "back 20".

 As you might recall, the bridge blew out last summer,
this is the new crossing.....a bit tricky on skis, but worth the adventure.

 It is actually the approach and the ending that are the treacherous part of the adventure.

 Over the knee deep! Wow!
 Whew! a little desent, but not very fast as the snow was SO deep!

The snowed in path.

Before & After

 Looking out the basement door toward the garage pre-shovelling.
 Same view, post shovelling.

Looking from the gargae toward the basement....

Day of rest?

 Monday is usually the day to bake bread and wash long johns,
but we got snow, snow and MORE snow,
ultimately it snowed over 20 inches in fewer than that many hours!
 Some scenes from the day.

I was hoping that this shot of myself would indicate how high the snowbanks on the driveway were...
Over waist high, can you tell?

50 Years!

 This place,
Turner Mountain Ski Area,
has been in operation now for 50 Years!
This place was built by volunteers with a passion for skiing,
it is run by volunteers and all upgrades have been done thusly.

 Every weekend we show up and do the work,
bicker with each other,
 share laughs and families and life.
Most of all we SKI and SMILE.
 This weekend we celebrated 50 years with family and friends,
a snow frog....
 The "shot-ski"
Dancing to TWO live bands, a slide show,
Big potluck dinner, tricks, stories, beverages....