Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Deer LOVE tulips.
I haven't planted them because of that fact.
But last fall, I caved and purchased a few bulbs
 I planted them in the garden
where they are safe from deer.
I love this pop of spring color!
If not for deer, tulips would abound in my world!

Old & New

Old nail in the mossy log wall
Wild Roses
New blackberry patch
Rusty Hinges
Moss Garden
Free Fencing
a work in progress
Hauling manure and water to the new plantings
New garden in the old barn


Ruby Peonies
Lemon Sorrel
Daffers & Red Orach

The Question

What Burns In You?

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April Fools

 Free skiing all week at 49° North.
We made the Monday pilgrimage.
 The "boys" travelled up from Spokane where they have been fans for the weekend.
(NCAA Womens Tourney) and us girls came from the east.
This cracks me up!
When visiting a ski resort, don't you sort of expect an INCLINE?

Easter Sun Day

 Yes! Sun Day!
We keep having them, sunny day, after sunny day!
No complainin' heard in these parts!
I had company and we took a long walk
looking for elk.
We didn't see any elk.
But the evening was glorious in my neighborhood!