Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Troy Tree

 This time of year, this is what greets me each morning as I arrive at work.
 I can see it from the top of the hill before I drop into Troy (2+ miles out)
the lights winking at me, then it looks small.
 This is right near where I park.
They line all the light poles in town right now.
There are trees and bells and wreaths too.
My fotos do not do justice.
The entire town is well decorated,
I so appreciate all the effort people make to
create this festive atmosphere in our little town!

Winter Solstice.
Natassia, Silas & Zeek came for a feast of crab legs
and other delicacies.
We then did our opening of the stockings that is our ritual.
Around 9 o'clock other friends arrived and we lit up the longest night
with a big bon fire. Mike has been thinning and slashing, so we
have several big piles to choose from.
It was a lovely way to welcome back the Light!
Even in summer and even though he is VERY slim,
kids will stop Zeek and ask him if he is Santa.
He found this hat in some of his parents old stuff
and Molly sent him this shirt,
(even though she broke the rules and it didn't
fit in his stocking~she is good that way!)
and Ho Ho Ho!
(the rest of us are now on the hunt to find red pants and other accoutrement
to round out this jolly elf!)
{the beard is real!}


 My neighbor friend and I got a wild hair and decided on a Friday outing.
I had this idea that we could drive up to Spar Lake
since we have so little snow this season (so far),
we got really far, way closer to Spar Lake then B thought we would,
but then we got to a sketchy place where whomever preceeded us had
gotten stuck and torn the road up, we got "lightly stuck here.
We promptly got unstuck and started backing down the road.
That was tedious and we thought that turning around would be a better option.
Bad Idea!
We got good and stuck then.
We were making good headway at getting unstuck, but then it started getting dark.
It gets dark awefully early this time of year.
So we started walking, it was good and dark then and we had to walk through the woods.
Also I didn't have any flashlights in the car. I do have this cool spotlight thingie
that Mike got me, but it plugs into the lighter socket, so no good for night walks.
We ended up walking nearly 4 miles. Then we got to the junction of the mine road,
and lucky for us, it was shift change time....we got a ride fairly quickly saving us another
3 miles of walking in the dark.
The next morning Mike drove me up in the pick-up and we easily got the car out,
we both had to back down the hill a mile......Ugh!
But no more getting stuck!

The Cat is in the Bag

  Mike spent a day working at Turner the weekend before Christmas.
He brought his ski bag in by the fire and hung the damp stuff to dry.
Fajouli (Zuli) climbed into the bag by the fire and snuggled in for a snooze. 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

O Tannenbaum!

 It's been a few years since we have had a Christmas Tree.
This year I was, somehow, inspired to put one up.
Mike and I went for a walk out back and brought this one home.
It was nostalgic and fun to get out the boxes of ornaments and fancy up the tree.
Our halls are decked.
We are feeling Festive.
But it is looking like we will be home alone for Christmas!
Plans got changed.
We will celebrate as a family on the Solstice, which is really more usual for us.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Fire in the sky

 This was my drive home last night!
I kept pulling over to take fotos.
It started out all pink and purple and then burned
into this crazy fire!
Made me really wish for a fancy camera,
these fotos don't do the scene justice, if you can imagine!


And another quote I found when preparing for this mornings yoga class.

“If you would foster a calm spirit,
First regulate your breathing;
For when that is under control,
A heart will be at peace;
But when breathing is spasmodic,
Then it will be troubled.
Therefore, before attempting anything
First regulate your breathing
On which your temper will be softened,
Your spirit calmed.”

Kariba Ekken~17th Century Mystic

spider web in the light

You know how when the light shines perfectly into your windows
that appeared to be clean,  and you suddenly notice how dirty they are?

Or when the sun shines perfectly on a spider web and you see
it as a masterpiece and then the light shifts a bit and you cannot
see it at all?

And you already know how I feel about light:
Light as in not dark,
Light as in not heavy.
Light changes everything.
Particulary perspectives.
Well, this writing really resonated with me
and I had to share, it is so appropriate
in this season of waning light,
 it is a good reminder for us to SHINE!

"When you shine the light of your attention

on something,
It shimmers and dances and makes itself known to you.
Give your complete attention and
wishes of well-being to another person,

and feel your heart lighten up."