Thursday, December 1, 2011

Fire in the sky

 This was my drive home last night!
I kept pulling over to take fotos.
It started out all pink and purple and then burned
into this crazy fire!
Made me really wish for a fancy camera,
these fotos don't do the scene justice, if you can imagine!


  1. WOWSA! gorgeous!
    too bad sunset is at 4:45 now! no, its fun to nestle in and "nest" this time of the year, isn't it?? looks like you have been busy with the house, you have the nesting bug too. xxoo

  2. Uncle Jeffrey Moore
    Just caught yer blog for first time in a year. We too had a gorgeous fall, tho generally not as spectacular as yours.Your house looks great. I liked the basement better with all the tools n' stuff tho. Easier for the bears to walk around in. Wow..what stories. Everybody is 'packin', and locking themselves in so they can't get away if a bear wants to eat them.Dumb exit strategy if ya ask me. Best Wishes for Christmastime...give our best to Mike and the family. Especially lubbed the water pics