Thursday, December 1, 2011

spider web in the light

You know how when the light shines perfectly into your windows
that appeared to be clean,  and you suddenly notice how dirty they are?

Or when the sun shines perfectly on a spider web and you see
it as a masterpiece and then the light shifts a bit and you cannot
see it at all?

And you already know how I feel about light:
Light as in not dark,
Light as in not heavy.
Light changes everything.
Particulary perspectives.
Well, this writing really resonated with me
and I had to share, it is so appropriate
in this season of waning light,
 it is a good reminder for us to SHINE!

"When you shine the light of your attention

on something,
It shimmers and dances and makes itself known to you.
Give your complete attention and
wishes of well-being to another person,

and feel your heart lighten up."

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