Friday, August 28, 2009


I just love how the light plays on the bottle and the flowers.
Seems like a re-print, but it isn't.

Birds-eye sunset

Words cannot compete!

Mountain Top Dining

Another fabulous week day evening dinner at Keeler Mountain Look-out.
The food was fabulous, the views stunning and the company enchanting!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Lunch Time Swimming

Randy and I have been swimming during our lunch break.
We go to Savage Lake, swim across and back and get back to the office in 40 minutes,
(unless we chat with Jim, the owner of the dock and these fine water lilies for too long!)
It is a lovely mid-day diversion
and helps to enhance a sunny disposition!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fine Dining, Mountain Style

The Queen of the Mountain!
Preparing the feast!

The finished product! Mmmmmm!
Garden fresh and delicious!

Keeler Mountain Lookout

Can you see Bull Lake?

We arrived at Keeler Mtn. look out around 8 pm last night to share dinner and cocktails with Terry, who mans the look-out. This is the view north, (above) towards Troy and the Kootenai River.
The setting sun
I know you aren't supposed to take fotos into the sun, but I just couldn't resist and I am not disapointed in the results!

A view of the Cabinet Mountains, to the east.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

scapes and garlic

Fotos of last nights harvest. yep! All the garlic has been collected from the garden.
And here is the box I got; it is heavy!
The dirty bulb is how it comes out after I knock off the big chuncks of dirt....and then the clean bulb after removing a layer of skin (sort of like an onion).

Remember the scapes?
Those beautiful curling tops of the garlic that reluctantly snipped off a few weeks ago?
Well here they are after drying in a vase for awhile (and gracing my table as a bouquet) and then being disassmbled and placed on the dehydrator.
Footnote: They make the room that the dehydrator is in stink to high heavens!
Mike piles some of his clothing in there and he put on a work shirt that had been sitting in there overnight and no vampires will come within a mile of him I guarantee!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


A woman dreamt that she walked into a brand new shop in the market place
and, to her surprise, found God behind the counter.
"What do you sell here?" she asked. "Everything your heart desires" said God.
Hardly daring to believe what she was hearing, the woman decided to ask for the
best thing a human being could wish for, "I want peace of mind, love, happiness, wisdom, freedom form fear and harm, plus a sense of hope for the future," she said.
Then as an afterthought, she added, "Not just for me, for everyone on earth.
God smiled, " I think you've got me wrong, my friend,
We don not sell fruits here, only seeds.
Anthony De Mejo

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Water plants

I haven't keyed out these plants yet, but I found them growing in over-waist deep water in rocky substrate on the east shore of Spar Lake. Aren't they gorgeous? I thought about taking somehome and trying them in our koi pond, but they are loving this fresh, cold, clear water and the koi pond is small and warm.....

Spar Lake

Saturday was a smokin' hot day, high 90's!
So I abandoned the house and yard and took the canoe to Spar Lake.
Spar Lake is in my neighborhood, Lucky Me!
Look at this fabulous water! Fotos do not do it justice; it is crystal clear and shines in all manners of aquamarine and teal greens depending on the depth.

Randy, a co-worker who mostly lives in Golden, CO, came along on this venture and snapped this foto of me diving in off the rocks. One can usually dive from rather high, but the water was low and exposing sharp rocks today.

Monday, August 3, 2009

More Flowers

Clematis with it's post flowering fuzzy heads! Love them! they are SO soft!
Beez, hard at work!

I am having blogger troubles! Part of my tool bar has disappeared and I writing to accompany the text is messed up! Yikes! So that is why there are fotos and no text lately!
So, these are some more of the blooms around the yard of late.
P.S. the blogger trouble has been resolved!Yay!


Close up fotos of an assortment of the flowers in bloom in our yard.