Wednesday, August 19, 2009

scapes and garlic

Fotos of last nights harvest. yep! All the garlic has been collected from the garden.
And here is the box I got; it is heavy!
The dirty bulb is how it comes out after I knock off the big chuncks of dirt....and then the clean bulb after removing a layer of skin (sort of like an onion).

Remember the scapes?
Those beautiful curling tops of the garlic that reluctantly snipped off a few weeks ago?
Well here they are after drying in a vase for awhile (and gracing my table as a bouquet) and then being disassmbled and placed on the dehydrator.
Footnote: They make the room that the dehydrator is in stink to high heavens!
Mike piles some of his clothing in there and he put on a work shirt that had been sitting in there overnight and no vampires will come within a mile of him I guarantee!

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