Tuesday, January 26, 2010


What do you think?
These were on a HUGE sale and I was able to talk them down even more!
I know that some of you will be thinking, "I can see why those were on sale"!
But these are Super comfy and way out there colorwise...and I adore them.
I haven't shown Mike yet...I can pretty much see that raised eyebrow and semi-predict his reaction, but heck! I am going to rock these babies! And I think I shall continue on the crzy loud sock ensemble too!

Missoula, Montana

Can you see the trail that zigs up to the big "M" for Montana?
This is the view from our hotel veranda, it is the Clark Fork River and over there across the River is the University. We are right down town and in walking distance from most of the downtown action.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

"Everyone is trying to accomplish something big
not realizing life is made up of little things."
Frank Clark

Monday, January 11, 2010

New Sport

Handle bar cam.
This is what the ice looks like where there is not snow upon it.
Handlebar cam again....riding south on Bull Lake.

My buddy and Lake dweller, Zeek came out and snapped a couple fotos, here I am down by the neighbors swim slide...

The buoy dodge....
So, it began snowing on New Years Eve, then it rained and then we had more single digit days and nights. Kind of messed up all of the fabulous skating. Skiing has been OK at Turner, but not fantastic and we are spoiled and love fantastic.....I was looking for an outing and didn't want to cross country ski on the Lake and thought, "what the heck! It's flat and frozen solid and not slick looking, I think I will bike!" There isn't any traffic and it was a lovely day. that snow is like riding on sand, or like riding uphill when you are really on flat ground, but it was super fun! I did the entire Lake and it was a quite the work-out! I am going again real soon!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

the story of the elephant lamp

This is my new elephant lamp.
I got it as a birthday gift from neighbor, Barb.
I spotted it while shopping at a thrift store a month or so ago.
I intended to buy it for myself but got distracted yakking with friends and such and didn't get it. I was telling Barb about it and she got real interested and said that her sister collected elephants and where was this lamp and did she care if she bought it for her sister for christmas?
I gave her the details and apparently she went right there and bought it!
Imagine my surprise when I opened my birthday gift to find this!
Anyway, it is the perfect kitchen area night light for ambience when we aren't in there in these dark winter evenings.
I love it!
It is quite small, for reference, the pretty rock next to it, fits nicely in my hand, smaller than softball size.

'shrooms in winter

These beauties are from the art show in Sandpoint from last summer.
I jusst LOVE them! They look good even in the snow!

Friday, January 1, 2010

HAPPY New Year!

Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse, Blue Moon....Gorgeous Ice...Roaring Fire, friends, frosty beers.....All-in-all a grand way to start the new year.
Hope yours was equally as Fab!