Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Quarter Year

So that is what I missed, from Winter Solstice to nearly Vernal Equinox....without blog posts.
I intend to review the fotos I snapped along the way and perhaps do a flashback post.

Captain Safety Meeting!

 A fellow blogger, who also stopped due to the fees, sent me an e-mail saying that she was able to post some fotos. I quickly went to her blog to catch up and then decided to try it for myself!
Wheeeee! It worked! Here I am!
I have a purpose for my pictures again!
 It was Crazy Days at Turner Mountain on Saturday.
Here are a few crazy costumes.
unbelievably, these are the only fotos I took all day.
See? I have been distraught about what to do with all my fotos,
I just don't take that many anymore.
Well, the landscape is not the best for stunning fotografy right now...
what with a winters worth of dog poop and beer cans surfacing from beneath the snow....
But yeah, I will get back in the saddle and post a few things here and there.
Stay tuned, unless you have already moved on.....