Friday, October 19, 2012


Miss Z is visiting me today.
I had to give her some piggytails!

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Location:Porcupine Creek,Troy,United States

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

New Moon Hike

Barb and I took a hike on Monday.
We were lucky and it didn't rain on us a bit.
It had been a very rainy morning.
We hiked into this special spring.
The Creek just erupts out of the side of the hill
all full and rambuncitons like you see.
We had a picnic.
Barb brought along this jar of tomato jam that was
stupendously delicious! I gave her the recipe;
I didn't grow enough tomatoes to make it myself.
It is a keeper for sure.
We had goat cheese on crackers with this
tomato confection, mmmmmm!
And fizzy lemonaid in fancy glasses.
Barb found this conk and decorated it.
I had candles in the WonderWoman lunch box,
so we had ambience at our woodland picnic!
New Moon Monday.
There was a big lightning show in the middle of the darkest night;
it really lit things up!

Warm Autumn Wanders

Ok, another shoe blog post!
Who doesn't love shoes?
I found these on sale after admiring Tassias.
They are great for this warm and wet weather we are having.
Great for slipping on and dashing out for something
or for digging, or like this,
walking down for the paper.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Autumn Shoes

Last weekend I scored these brand new, Autumn colored shoes
at a thrift store. This is my first outing in them.
Scenes around Troy.
It is sunny. We had one day of stormy rain and wind,
a big shift in the weather.
We are back to sun but it is no longer warm.
The high is supposed to be 50° today!
Time to fire up the woodstove.

Monday, October 1, 2012


I hadn't really planned to do any dying, but Barb had done some and there were lots of mixed dyes leftover,so we decided that our Autumn Equinox event would be to do some dying.
I had been intrigued by fabric pastels and had found some on sale, also I had purchased a bunch of fabric at a yard sale during the summer for super cheap, so I made ready for a coloring project.

Here is step one, sitting on the porch beneath the hops and beside the grapes in the sun, sipping tea and coloring.

Step two, "coloring" in the lines with dye.

Step three, adding background color, dye, of course.

The process:

And here is one version of the finished product.