Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lilies of the Lake

The lovely lilies of the Lake,
bidding us welcome to the water.

May you live like the lotus
at home in the muddy water.

Lunch Lake Laps

The daily swim.
Lunch lap across Savage Lake and back.
Better than a sandwich any day!

This is MX.
Those are our Montana Mountains in the background.
This is what lunch time means to us come swim season.
Other seasons it is just a walk in the Park.
This is true love!

Summer Baking

Some summer baking goodness inspired by other blogs and ingredients held within my fridge!
Red Potato-Gorgonzola tart for breakfast on Saturday and then as
portable breakfasts for the work-week.

And Rhubarb Pie!
One good thing about this rainy spring and early summer we have had
is tht the rhubarb has not bolted and we love to eat it!

Cat Antics

GAzpacho, the circus cat, getting ready to practice cat tricks on the trampoline!
Our friend, Margeaux, was over a few weeks ago and she got feeling silly and took the cat onto the trampoline while she was jumping! It seemed to traumatize "Pachie", as one would imagine.
But here she is on the trampoline by her own choice!
Mike and I were getting ready to go somewhere and were on our way to the car and there she was!
She had jumped up and was investigating the tramp!

Welcome to my World!

Some images of that state of my world at home right now!
I am loving it.
Everything is blooming or green and vibrant!
I have at least five different color variations of columbine,
I didn't post them all so that I wouldn't bore you, but
they are all wonderful!
And I just can't help but attempt close-ups of poppies,
perhaps one day I will get it perfect...I just LOVE the
colors and the biggness and the magic of poppies!
This is the view out of my kitchen window.
Makes washing the dishes a joy!

A poppy, just crackin' open,
getting ready to spread it's joy!
More kitchen window view......this just makes me happy.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Office Wildlife

These live in the wall of our office beneath the air conditioner.
They belong to Ma & Pa starling.
The air conditioner was removed and a cute window will be installed once these
hatch and fledge.
We are keeping a keen eye on these beauties,
and listening for the telltale little peeps.

Sunday Drive

Randy went with me to run some errands and we decided to make a Sunday drive out of the trip.
We decided to try Keeler Rattle Road to see if we could see the new warming hut, but alas, our plans were halted by this SNOW! go figure!

Monday, June 7, 2010

We are cups, constantly and quietly being filled.
The trick is, knowing how to tip ourselves over
and let the beautiful stuff out.

Ray Bradbury

I think this is my new favorite quote!
Love it!

Friday, June 4, 2010

The Bridge Broke!

Glad I wasn't on it!
This is my main route on my daily walks.
Now I need a new crossing.
So, this property belongs to our neighbors, but I am pleased to announce
that by the end of June it should belong to US!
We are in the process of aquiring these 20 gorgeous acres!
Delightful and scary all at once!

Letting In the LIght

Mike has been keeping a close eye on some of these trees for years now.
They have forked tops. So, now that he wants to build another garage, he has decided that the garden needs more light! He cut 4 big Ponderosa Pine trees and they will now serve a new purpose, as beams and boards!
I hope the garden prospers with more light.
It sure seems wide open out there now!
We had one nice big bon fire and have a few more to go.

Yard Art

...send a guy to the dump and he comes home with stuff.....
I actually am with him on this find! It is a gem! It is hiding in the trees on our property.
Future civilizations will ponder these finds sometime!
We have actually had this for years, it is rusting along nicely.

Puddle Jumpin' Rubbers

A sunny time between rain showers....Our Lunch walk 'round the park.
Puddles are like magnets to these girls!