Friday, June 4, 2010

Letting In the LIght

Mike has been keeping a close eye on some of these trees for years now.
They have forked tops. So, now that he wants to build another garage, he has decided that the garden needs more light! He cut 4 big Ponderosa Pine trees and they will now serve a new purpose, as beams and boards!
I hope the garden prospers with more light.
It sure seems wide open out there now!
We had one nice big bon fire and have a few more to go.


  1. COOL Yammie...have you always had that? Don't remember it.
    Lordy- You musta had a WHOOPER of a weenie roast when you lit that pile off !!!!
    Unc J

  2. Nice saw jobs. Pretty sneaky the way ya cut the near tree and left a tag to hold it on the stump.
    Uncle Jeffrey