Thursday, September 29, 2011

Efficient Heating

 Heating with wood.
Warms a person many times in the process.
Turning this pile into the tidy stack below,
may generate the most heat of all!
I'd publish it as a work-out video,
but I am afraid the aching shoulders and calloused hands
may not be a huge selling point in todays society!
You can see by the "hack" marks that I need to work on my
maul marksmanship!
You are looking at my next several nights activities!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

As September wanes....

 ...and summer wanes.
Friday is the Autumn Equinox,
official first day of fall.
Summer is departing gracefully in my world.
 I took a leisurely walk in the Refuge on the Kootenai River.
I saw ducks of all kinds, geese, waxwings, deer, this frog,
and the highlight,
a great horned owl!
I heard her hooting and followed the sound and found her
on a tree branch overlooking the River.
She didn't want her foto taken.
 The sun is setting to the west over the refuge....
as I wander.

And then...

 The next afternoon,
we went here...
Schweitzer Mountain
where Natassia and Silas happen to be living at the time
(now they aren't)
and they weren't home
 For the microbrew festival!
It was really great!
Well done.
Lovely glassware, great music, food, kids events, massage
great weather and a remarkable view!

I am not sure about this pose.
It is funny.
we'll blame it on the angle of the fotografer....

The onset of September

 So, we started off September with a wedding to attend.
 said wedding was at the Bull Lake Rod and Gun Club on a Friday.
at 4 pm.
Zeek and I kayaked down to the celebration
from Angel Island.
 The bride made her grand entrance
on a tri-maran!
 It was a stunning entrance!
With stunning scenery.
On a gorgeous afternoon.
A great start to a life together!
 There was the usual socializing and good cheer.


OK. So I have been absent in September.
I haven't been taking as many fotos,
but the days have been full and fun.
The light has changed.
The sun isn't as strong,
there is that autumn glow in the air.

None of this can really be captured
with any kind of proper representation.
There is a certain spirit about the changing of the seasons
that you just have to feel.