Tuesday, March 31, 2009

“Stereotypes are flat, one-dimensional,
like the donkey you blindly pin the tail on.
Archetypes are rich, lush, juicy………….

you can’t keep a good archetype down.”

Live music by "Back Adit"

Some of the late night revelers
I love the golden blurr of this shot...call it artistic!

Some close-ups of the where all the noise was coming from and some other shots from the floor!

Outside, nighttime, dancin' to the band...

Crazy Days

This past weekend was Turner Mountain Crazy Days!
Here is the start of the cardboard sled race. Two sleds ended up playing bumper cars down the course, and not on purpose! And one sled had to be saved from hitting the groomer at a fairly good clip!
this is the burning pirate ship sled. It is un-manned. It was not able to race in the cardboard sled race because it was built on skis and therefore disqualified.

the nurse and the raven.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

"It is only with the heart that one can see rightly;
what is essential is invisible to the eye."
- Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


As spring evolves in front of us each day, I begin to tire of feeding the woodstove.
But this is an ode to the woodstove, that warmed our bones, dried our clothes, simmered our dinners, wrapped our bath towels with heat and kept our fannies warm and our ski clothes dry all winter.
Even when the summer is here and we haven't had a fire in a long time, I find that we still stand by the stove wrapped in a towel after a shower. It is just habit.
Nothing can imitate the warmth and atmosphere of a wood fire.

A Fine March Morning

Ok, this isn't the foto I wanted it to be. I didn't really suceed in capturing the feel of the day. As you can tell, it is early still, not quite light. This is the old barn in the meadow.
We were feeling jubilant that spring was upon us and we awakend to fresh snow!
I am sure it will be gone and will have taken more with it by the time I get home this afternoon and it did evoke a lovely feeling this morning.....You know that feeling when you open one eyelid at a time and are saying in your head, " I really am not ready to leave this warm nest of loveliness and start my day" and then you get up and see snow and just want to crawl back in till someone brings you a steaming cup of tea?
Well, I got up and opened the damper and added a log and did yoga and then headed to work, I am having tea now.


I have always wanted to be a bread baker and so admired folks that could turn out a fine loaf with seemingly little effort. I try each year when I have some time, usually in winter, to bake bread. Most often it is a waste of perfectly good ingredients. I have books on how to bake bread, tried different recipes and even did the "wing it" method thinking that I was trying too hard! Well, finally this year I have had success. I began with a simple recipe called "daily bread" out of a very old fashioned cookbook and was self dazzled. Mike said it was good, not delicious. That was in November. Since then I have baked all of our bread. We have not purchased one loaf! I am getting better each time too! ( I admit, one time I forget the salt, don't ever do that,
a pinch of salt really makes a huge difference!
So, I decided to branch out with my yeast skills and try cinnamon rolls and here is the first batch! I am very proud and they are very GONE! They were delicious, I could have gobbled the entire pan in one sitting straight from the oven. I cannot do this very often for that very reason. I am waiting for company to come so that I can make them agian and Mike and I won't be forced to eat the entire pan ourselves! They are whole wheat, by-the-way! Not entirely, but enough to make me lump them in the "good for you" food catagory.....that works, right?!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Love Affair with Hair!

Mike giving his stylist a hug at the party!
In the chair!

Margeaux with the tower of hair!

No explanation needed!

Valentine Ball-Dirt Chicken Oscars

We are a dazzling couple, we just can't help it!
This is the 7th annual "Goodwill Formal" our Valentine Ball.
"We" have now decided that it will take place during the long weekend of February each and every year, so start looking for your frock for the 2010 party!
The ladies spend the afternoon in Wanda's, a local Troy establishment getting hair and make-up done. Wanda works her magic on the hair and we consult and help one another with make-up and lashes and nails.....more fotos of that to follow.
This year Mike had his hair done at Wanda's as well and he was smashing!