Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Golden Larches

 It's that time of year
All the light is golden
an aura has settled upon us
night and day, the air is just a different hue
the color of calm

Piece Together Peace

"There are two ways of spreading light;
to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it."
~Edith Wharton

"Be the peace you can be today.
How can you be peace today?
What is one thing that you can do differently to bring more peace to the world?
The most significant work we can do for the benefit of our planet
is the work we do on ourselves.

  Be the peace you can be today.
Be the change.
Your piece counts!
Your peace counts!"
My inspiration for this post.
Read on and join in!
fotos are from my evening walks.
I step out my door into this light and peace and wonder
immediately I feel calm and happy
lately I have noticed how quiet it is out here
not the usual quiet, but somehow the earth seems buffered
each footfall seems quiet 
perhaps it is the new padding of the fallen leaves
or the damp of autumn
or the new chill in the air
or could it be that I have found a quieter more deliberate step?
whatever it is
it is good
it is peace

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"The soul of a landscape, the spirit of the elements,
the genius of everyplacewill be revealed
 to a loving view of nature."
Karls Jaspers-Philosophy

Friday, October 15, 2010


The "Don King" of mushrooms.

 Some unidentified "fungal" type thing! Very wild!
 I call this one the "Starship Enterprise" 'shroom.

This is a mushroom village, reminiscent of the "Smurfs"!

Monday, October 11, 2010

"The Colors"

 When folks heard about our trip to the east, nearly everyone had some comment about
"the colors" and how lovely it is back there this time of year.....
You know.
Well, it was pretty, not spectacular by any means.
They did have a droughty summer and it didn't appear that "the colors" were going to shape up and be outstanding this year.
But look at what we came home to!
 The Colors!
The scarlet oak, the virginia creeper, the mountain maple, and since we haven't had a killing frost
even yet (miraculous!) there are still squash blossoms and sunflowers!
I picked bouquets for the house this weekend!

Boothbay Harbor

Other Activities

 Some of the other activities....
We made hula hoops and actually put bb's inside of one of them for extra fun!

"Art Shots" (spoken with sarcasm!)

Wanting this chair for my yard.
 The rosehips along the beach were shiny, translucent and succulent,
irresistable, I had to attempt to capture their glow!

 Lighthouse embellishments.

 This is the path to one of the lighthouses near Portland, it was great to walk on those giant boulders.
They are HUGE granite blocks.
 NO! I did not press these shells into the sand for a foto op.
They were like this, really!

 Near yeat another lighthouse, all the rock formations looked like Giant hunks of petrified wood.
I tried to capture it, but the light was just all wrong.
 This is a mural in Montclair New Jersey.
I tried to keep the man on the bench out of the foto,
to no avail.
Porchlight candle-light in New Jersey.

Lighthouse Tour

 I lost track of the place names and even of how many lighthouses we viewed on this beach day of another sort. It was all very scenic and as you can see, a gorgeous day! And we had great food stops and other fun.

 I was hoping to put into perspective the enormity of this cruise ship.
It was obscene! It dwarfed the city buildings!