Monday, October 11, 2010

"Art Shots" (spoken with sarcasm!)

Wanting this chair for my yard.
 The rosehips along the beach were shiny, translucent and succulent,
irresistable, I had to attempt to capture their glow!

 Lighthouse embellishments.

 This is the path to one of the lighthouses near Portland, it was great to walk on those giant boulders.
They are HUGE granite blocks.
 NO! I did not press these shells into the sand for a foto op.
They were like this, really!

 Near yeat another lighthouse, all the rock formations looked like Giant hunks of petrified wood.
I tried to capture it, but the light was just all wrong.
 This is a mural in Montclair New Jersey.
I tried to keep the man on the bench out of the foto,
to no avail.
Porchlight candle-light in New Jersey.

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