Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bull Lake 365

mirror-like lake surface.
We found pussy willows at the south end of the lake.

Flaming Wreath Fling

 Need spring inspiration? Start by taking down your winter holiday wreaths.
 There is something a bout a bon fire that is appropriate in any season &
 we have all heard of a "spring fling", we just "up"ed it a notch and celebrated the Spring Equinox with the "Flaming Wreath Fling"!
It was a marvellous way to cap off a day of boating on the Lake and fine dining.
Welcome Spring!

Thursday, March 18, 2010


So, we have all heard of crop circles, this is the new twist,
The River Circle! Salmon River in Idaho.
I cannot take credit for the foto, a friend sent it to me,
but I couldn't resist! How Magical!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sunday Tea

Barb (of the BarbErics) and I spent the night on the summit of Turner.
We took our stuff for "camping out" up on the chair-lift during the day,
and then snowmobiled up after the dining and dancing and festivities were
over.  It was an incredibley starry night and we saw some faint
aurora borealis off to the north before retiring.
I awakened in the night, nature was calling, and the moon was rising in the east
all orange through the Libby fire smog (an old mill building burnt down earlier in the week and is still smoldering) the sunrise was also Libby smog orange!
We had our morning tea and scones out in the sunshine.
We had the hill to ourselves!
We took a walk to admire all the vistas and then loaded our stuff in a
tobaggan and headed down the slopes.

Saturday at Turner

The tutu girls.
Julie & Barb

Keeler Creek

We had to scoot through the icy tunnel.
Love this natural mortar and pestal action.
Our picnic on a sunny, flat rock along Keeler Creek.
Shadows on melting snow.

Friday, March 5, 2010


So, we had a Friday ski outing planned.
We were heading to the mine to hike up and ski Mt.Vernon.
We got all packed, met up, drove up to the mine parking lot
and got all geared up and began hiking, only to have a
"mine guy" come out and tell us that the rules had
changed and we could no longer have access through the mine
parking lot. Rats! We looked for another access point but the
snow was melted off too much to really get through.
So we quickly formulated plan B; checking to see snow conditions
up Camp Creek.

Camp Creek was sort of a bust too.
But we did ski up the road a bit before we bailed.
Barb and I tried one more place and had a nice sunny picnic.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Spring and All

Spring and what's left of the hippies return from old rooming houses and
More letters, more journals, more poems to burn; Real heat at last.
At last my words glow.

My friend Jim just broke up his band, the guys all have jobs and the nights
got too long.
He's selling the amps, one guitar, and the van.
I'm sure you could have it all for a song.

Snow on the north side, trash in the yard, love like a newspaper tattered
and stained.
A two bourbon twilight, fog from God's cigar.
the neighbor's retarded dog chasing the train.
{here is the part that reminds me of spring in Troy}

Don't see any good in just hanging around, take a tip from the birds and
change the scene.
Find some long river and follow it down to where our old sins have washed
up in New Orleans.

Spring and what's left of the songbirds return, to fight about loving and
nesting and such.
Thanks for the letters you sent back to burn.
Their smoke is as light, and as dark, as your touch.

I love this song by Greg Brown. I sing it in spring when I walk. I just took a walk down to the Park on the River and listened to the birds cheerfully chirp and took in the air and the spring.....
Spring, we are calling it that already. It isn't time, but it is undeniably here.
When do I ever lean and loaf at my ease to enjoy something beautiful for its own sake? Do I even know how to be at ease for one minute?…Contemplation is the prayer that all of us do naturally, without thinking. If we could notice what we are doing when we are not thinking and do more of it, our prayer lives would move ahead wondrously…In stillness we slip through the fences in our minds and hearts and escape to open country.
Mike Mason, Practicing the Presence of People
morning knitting, tea and NPR.

God is already present in the hidden depths of the present moment;
it is just because we were skimming along across the surface of what is happening
that we were unable to know and rest in that presence.
Gary Moon

double happiness green tea
in the beautiful tea cup
Molly put in my stocking
a beautiful mini tea garden in a cup!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Spar Lake

Spar Lake in winter.
The road into Spar Lake open for vehicle travel, which is amazing for this time of year, so we took advantage of the lack of snow and drove up for a look around. It was a gorgeous day, the sun high and bright.