Thursday, March 18, 2010


So, we have all heard of crop circles, this is the new twist,
The River Circle! Salmon River in Idaho.
I cannot take credit for the foto, a friend sent it to me,
but I couldn't resist! How Magical!


  1. Wow! That's on the high side of excellent! Great pic for Nat'l Geographic!
    Unc Jeffrey

  2. These ice circles are apparently caused by slow-moving eddies of water beneath frozen surfaces in undulating areas of streams & rivers--there have been many examples photographed all over the world in recent years. This one is quite lovely.

    Crop circles, on the other hand (the ones not made by planks & boards), are caused by some sort of still unknown atmospheric energy system which leaves clear evidence in the crop circle plants and soils of exposure to microwave radiation, unusual electrical pulses and strong magnetic fields. Spiraling plasmas (such as the Northern Lights, an example of a relatively low-energy plasma discharge) are known to emit microwaves and also be associated with unusual electrical pulses and strong magnetic fields. And, so, based on the plant and soil evidence, it seems likely that some kind of plasma discharge is involved in creating real crop circles.

    Big question is whether such plasma energy systems are spontaneous & naturally-occurring (altho still unknown to science) or are "engineered" by something even more unknown. To read the scientific evidence available regarding the crop circles see the "Plant Abnormalities" and "Magnetic Material in Soils" sections at

    For some of the more "mystical" aspects of the circle phenomenon, check out "the van den Broeke Case" and "Eyewitness Reports" at the same web-site. There is substantial evidence that something VERY peculiar is going on--and, so far, nobody knows what it really is.

    Nancy Talbott
    BLT Research Team Inc.

  3. This is simply lovely. I think it looks like the earth from above..(sometimes you can't resist likening something to something else.) But really all by itself, likening it to nothing, it's beautiful, magical and a wonder to behold.