Friday, March 6, 2015

Hello, 2015!

I haven't been here in awhile.
What a trip down memory lane.
I just added a wonderful link to my linky list.
Check it out.
I will work on fotos soon.
Much has happened since my last visit; I will attempt to catch up as I can.
Until then...Peace

Friday, July 12, 2013

Wildflowers around the homestead

 Bunch Berry
 Mariposa Lily
 Green Wintergreen
 Barn Roses with pink Spider accessory
Miners Lettuce

Family Forest

They used to be called Tree Farms.
Now they are called "Family Forests".
We now have the official designation.
Mike wrote up a management plan and submitted it
to the state. We were approved.
We got this rockin' sign.

Mock Orange on the Half Shell

I found this blue shell on a walk, I carried it with me on my finger tip.
Then I smelled the mock orange in full bloom. I had to take a big bouquet home with me
and I knew the shell would get crushed in the process, so I made this little still life and left it on the rock.

Monday, May 13, 2013


A work in progress.
The old barn is becoming a garden.
I built a gate.
Yep! All by myself.
Every part of it is repurposed
except for a few random screws.
I even used the screws from the ski bindings
where I could.
The hinges were part of the old doors on the barn.
Wait till you see the latch.....
There are some bad@s$ roses in and around
this barn. I have trimmed them up
and tied them up
and cannot wait for their grand performance.
They are likely wild, but are thriving so
they are as high as the walls, and the hips
on them are BIG.
I wonder what color the blooms are?

Blooms 2013

Daffs from the yard,
those big doubles get heavy and fall over
I am forced to pick them!
This must be the year of the trillium,
they are abundant down by the Creek
this year.
The crab is getting ready to burst into blossom!
Purple Trillium.
Bad composure.
I tried several times to get the creek and the flower just how I wanted
No dice.
Breathe in.
Do you get that?
Oh My!
I love that smell.
There are bees too!