Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Drops of water

I love how raindrops gather on lupine.
So magical.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Flower Run

The evenings have finally warmed up enough that I feel safe planting the flower boxes out front
so for lunch today, rather than the usual walk in the Park, I rode my bike to the local spring flower boothe and loaded up. The barrels are now full of color and the bike is out.
Things are looking brighter at the office!

Idaho Beach Time

Biking on the trail between the Upper Lake and Lower Lake

This is an amazing patch of blowdown, huge and impreesive, however, you can't really tell from the foto.

This trail was really fun, there were a bunch of these
elevated pathways to keep you out of the swampyness and they zigged and zagged and even has switchbacks, there were also bridges and wooden walkways and stairs, all very fun on a mtn bike!

Weekend at Priest Lake

This is the view through the screen at our camp site,
Reeder Bay Campground, Priest Lake, Idaho.
View through the camper window, same camp site.
Mike "built" me this nifty paper towel roll.
It worked really well.


The first spring tea on the porch

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A walk in the park

Each day I take a lunch walk and usually I take this loop around  Roosevelt Park.
Isn't it beautiful? You walk along the Kootenai River and the birds are singing and right now
most of the bushes are in bloom and there has been an otter in this fish pond (talk about livin' the dream!) and you get this great view of the Cabinets in the background.
Today the sun was shining for the first time in a long time and it made it foto worthy.
It is nice in a snowstorm or rainstorm too though!

Crowell Falls

Just one shot, that's all you get this time.
Gorgeous, isn't it?!
It is a steep hike, but short....and right now it is full of wonders and wildflowers.


Fairyslipper (orchid)
Spring time and the wildflowers are popping up each day.
New discoveries on each walk.

Huckleberry Flowers

Delight of my heart!
The huckleberry brush is blooming at low elevation.

These gorgeous flowers turn into the most delightful fruits.
I hope it is a good season for "rubies"!

Monday, May 10, 2010

worry is misuse of your imagination

"Don't worry...

Be Happy!"

We took a "girl trip" to Noxon for dinner at the "Rusty Beaver".
A few in the group had not had the Noxon experience so
we did some driving around with me as the tour guide.
This is in a Noxon " suburb" which is on an upper plateau above town, the lucky kids that live up here get to take the slide to school! We had to pretend that we lived here and took the slide into the school grounds.
Very fun! We are all jealous; we wish we could take the slide to work!
{the school owns the property and the kids get to play on this slide at recess,
just in case you were wondering, it is not purely for transportation}
Life is Play!


Shots from a Montana weekend.

Strawberry Blooms

"Each Flower is a soul blossoming out of nature"

I can remember this one becasue of Scooby-Do

Ross Creek up by the North Fork

Inside a giant cedar

Get forked
Bon Fire for May Day
Beltane Fire

The neighbors cock

I love spring when the skunk cabbages bloom!
They are so exotic (and stinky)!

Garden Grub

My favorite shoes, any excuse to play in them makes me happy!


It is ant season! Randy was fascinated and was practicing shots with her macro lens.
They are pretty intriguing looking little creatures, aren't they?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ross Creek Cedars

An after work stroll through the magestic Cedar Grove.
coptis trifolia
Gold Thread
Thuja plicata
western red cedar

trillium grandiflorum
asarum cadatum
wild ginger

There are many more fotos to share of this wet and beautiful world....standby!

Name the Piggie

Here is "my" pig.
My "neighbors" that I get milk from are raising it for me.
She will become dinner later in the year.
Ain't she just the cutest?
I am real glad she isn't at my house so that I would get attached and be sad when the "end time" comes for her. But I still think that she should have a name. She does run out of the pig shed when I hollar Sooo-EEE!
So, help me out here.
I have been a lame blogger. Anyone notice?
Well, I have lots to blog now.
I have been trying all week, but it is madness here and there have been computer issues....
Stay posted....