Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I have always wanted to be a bread baker and so admired folks that could turn out a fine loaf with seemingly little effort. I try each year when I have some time, usually in winter, to bake bread. Most often it is a waste of perfectly good ingredients. I have books on how to bake bread, tried different recipes and even did the "wing it" method thinking that I was trying too hard! Well, finally this year I have had success. I began with a simple recipe called "daily bread" out of a very old fashioned cookbook and was self dazzled. Mike said it was good, not delicious. That was in November. Since then I have baked all of our bread. We have not purchased one loaf! I am getting better each time too! ( I admit, one time I forget the salt, don't ever do that,
a pinch of salt really makes a huge difference!
So, I decided to branch out with my yeast skills and try cinnamon rolls and here is the first batch! I am very proud and they are very GONE! They were delicious, I could have gobbled the entire pan in one sitting straight from the oven. I cannot do this very often for that very reason. I am waiting for company to come so that I can make them agian and Mike and I won't be forced to eat the entire pan ourselves! They are whole wheat, by-the-way! Not entirely, but enough to make me lump them in the "good for you" food catagory.....that works, right?!

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