Wednesday, October 17, 2012

New Moon Hike

Barb and I took a hike on Monday.
We were lucky and it didn't rain on us a bit.
It had been a very rainy morning.
We hiked into this special spring.
The Creek just erupts out of the side of the hill
all full and rambuncitons like you see.
We had a picnic.
Barb brought along this jar of tomato jam that was
stupendously delicious! I gave her the recipe;
I didn't grow enough tomatoes to make it myself.
It is a keeper for sure.
We had goat cheese on crackers with this
tomato confection, mmmmmm!
And fizzy lemonaid in fancy glasses.
Barb found this conk and decorated it.
I had candles in the WonderWoman lunch box,
so we had ambience at our woodland picnic!
New Moon Monday.
There was a big lightning show in the middle of the darkest night;
it really lit things up!

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