Tuesday, January 5, 2010

the story of the elephant lamp

This is my new elephant lamp.
I got it as a birthday gift from neighbor, Barb.
I spotted it while shopping at a thrift store a month or so ago.
I intended to buy it for myself but got distracted yakking with friends and such and didn't get it. I was telling Barb about it and she got real interested and said that her sister collected elephants and where was this lamp and did she care if she bought it for her sister for christmas?
I gave her the details and apparently she went right there and bought it!
Imagine my surprise when I opened my birthday gift to find this!
Anyway, it is the perfect kitchen area night light for ambience when we aren't in there in these dark winter evenings.
I love it!
It is quite small, for reference, the pretty rock next to it, fits nicely in my hand, smaller than softball size.


  1. Put it in your will today for sure...if you croak before I do, (prollynot), I WANT THAT LAMP. OK, Kemosabe? Good buddy. You can just write my name onnit right now.I WANT IT BAD.
    WOW. What a piece!!
    Uncle Jeffrey(your best friend)

  2. Ok, new best friend, and I REALLY want to inherit that sweet canoe you got on cragislist! You can put my name on that baby and we will have many happy adventures on Montana Lakes and Rivers! Big fish shall wriggle in the bow...etc...

  3. Listen, Gurl...you just go get that canoe.Take Mike with. It's upside down, on a trailer in the shed. Needs a washjob on the painted part...been in there 2 years, just wasting time.It needs to fish.It's a squareback ya know...works best with a small outboard.If you don't have one, I can bring up an old '56 Johnson 10 this summer thatt'l make it scoot like a scalded otter.It goes good with paddles too I suppose(purist) Call me if you wanna get it...it weighs 100+ tho, I think.Will go on the camper top, I bet. This is a LOAN, not a dam gift. I may sell it to ya cheap if you take good care(know you will).Call me, we'll talk.
    Just don't go in the garage or covered gas station drives with it on top.
    Lotsa Love, Uncle Jeffrey

  4. WooooHOOOO! I'd love to borrow it! Bull Lake and Spar Lake are longing for it! Oh how lovley it will be! I'll take you up on that for sure! Fish BEWARE!!!

  5. Go get it.Hope you can store under cover.Call me fer details to unlock/etc., or email questions.You oughta get it early, and get it rigged for your personal setup.
    Anchors Aweigh! You will have to take Meaghan fishin' as part of the deal......