Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Spar Lake

Saturday was a smokin' hot day, high 90's!
So I abandoned the house and yard and took the canoe to Spar Lake.
Spar Lake is in my neighborhood, Lucky Me!
Look at this fabulous water! Fotos do not do it justice; it is crystal clear and shines in all manners of aquamarine and teal greens depending on the depth.

Randy, a co-worker who mostly lives in Golden, CO, came along on this venture and snapped this foto of me diving in off the rocks. One can usually dive from rather high, but the water was low and exposing sharp rocks today.

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  1. the top pic is so pretty it makes me ache to be there!!! What a spectacular view over the nose of the canoe...the water looks so clear and cool! perfect way to spend a hot sweaty day....