Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Winter Solstice.
Natassia, Silas & Zeek came for a feast of crab legs
and other delicacies.
We then did our opening of the stockings that is our ritual.
Around 9 o'clock other friends arrived and we lit up the longest night
with a big bon fire. Mike has been thinning and slashing, so we
have several big piles to choose from.
It was a lovely way to welcome back the Light!
Even in summer and even though he is VERY slim,
kids will stop Zeek and ask him if he is Santa.
He found this hat in some of his parents old stuff
and Molly sent him this shirt,
(even though she broke the rules and it didn't
fit in his stocking~she is good that way!)
and Ho Ho Ho!
(the rest of us are now on the hunt to find red pants and other accoutrement
to round out this jolly elf!)
{the beard is real!}

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