Wednesday, December 28, 2011


 My neighbor friend and I got a wild hair and decided on a Friday outing.
I had this idea that we could drive up to Spar Lake
since we have so little snow this season (so far),
we got really far, way closer to Spar Lake then B thought we would,
but then we got to a sketchy place where whomever preceeded us had
gotten stuck and torn the road up, we got "lightly stuck here.
We promptly got unstuck and started backing down the road.
That was tedious and we thought that turning around would be a better option.
Bad Idea!
We got good and stuck then.
We were making good headway at getting unstuck, but then it started getting dark.
It gets dark awefully early this time of year.
So we started walking, it was good and dark then and we had to walk through the woods.
Also I didn't have any flashlights in the car. I do have this cool spotlight thingie
that Mike got me, but it plugs into the lighter socket, so no good for night walks.
We ended up walking nearly 4 miles. Then we got to the junction of the mine road,
and lucky for us, it was shift change time....we got a ride fairly quickly saving us another
3 miles of walking in the dark.
The next morning Mike drove me up in the pick-up and we easily got the car out,
we both had to back down the hill a mile......Ugh!
But no more getting stuck!

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