Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The day of the Feast

 This fotos cracks me up!
I was not going to upload it, but then
I just had to, it is so good of Natassia
posing as a hostess!
Silas is predominantly responsible for
 EVERYTHING on this table foodwise.
I made one batch of crackers and some fermented/pickled garlic.
He went over-the-top!
We didn't need dinner after this!
 Here is the keezer.
We always have to buck the trend.
Most people have a "keggerator"
We have a 'keezer'.
This is our contribution to recycling.
We are basically unable to recycle glass here,
and we used to generate plenty.
Like when I would take our glass to the "recycle" center
{they save it in a special area to mine it later}
the attendant would ask if we owned a bar!
{We do take the glass of others who are typically willing
to just toss it, so it wasn't ALL ours~ but mostly}
Now we just have to wash glassware.
And Mike takes a growler to places he would usually take bottles.

The party!
It was very festive.
It was extremely delicious.
It was mostly organic.
We are all grateful and feel exceedingly fortunate.

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