Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Basement: Before and After

The "Great Room" before
& After, foto taken from the same angle.

Behind the glass is the freezer and the jelly cupboard
and the pantry.
We are still working on decorating and such.
One step at a time!

Enterepol, before and as the underlayment of hte flooring is being laid.
I didn't get a shot of this room in all of its horrible glory with the concrete floor and the sawdust
and everything tossed about willy~nilly.
But here it is now, with things on shelves and a new plywood floor.
The plywood is so that we can do projects in here without worrying about ruining the flooring.
This is a shot of the Great room from the doorway of the entrepol looking toward the
stairs and sliding glass doors leading out to the woodshed ghetto.
And here it is after organization and purging.
There is still a small pile of lumber that needs a new home
 and a few other loose ends to tie up.
 The TV area. Still some flooring that needs a new home,
but right now it serves as a coffee table of sorts!

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  1. i think there is room for a piano...