Wednesday, March 21, 2012

rosscarberry part 2

After our trek to Drom beag and back to Rosscarberry, we were ready for hot tea by the peat fire in this lovely pub. There were a few old men,(and one of undetermined age that really took a shine to Margeaux! She was not impressed!) intently watching horse racing on tv and drinking beer in there.

We consulted the maps again, making better notes this time and taking some fotos of it for reference, double checked the bus schedule and took off for Bohonagh Stone Circle via some more standing stones and St. Fachtnas well.
This fascinated me; a little basin in the middle of the rock wall leading to the bay from town centre.

And the stones in the wall turned on their sides, seems like a more difficult way to build a wall, but very sturdy, and they all seemed to be constructed this way.

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  1. That wall must've taken forever! To build.. it sounds like you will be an A_number_one navigator after your journey! "guiness for strength" ?? He he