Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ireland Day 1

This is the English Market we sat up here and sipped tea/coffee.

It is a large open air market in the city centre, it is full of everything, but I noticed lots of meat of every kind. I had a delicious sample of sausage.....Mmmmmm! an Lar, means city center.

St.Finnbarres church, can be seen from the kitchen window of Margeaux's flat as seen below.
Side note on the above foto, neighbor Barb stopped by the day before I departed and brought me this little naked goddess statue, it has become the equivalent of the garden gnome in the movie "Amelie".
Margeaux and I are thinking of a name for her....stand-by for that!

some Cork City walkabout shots, me being a random tourist.

This shot was taken from the street.

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  1. Awesome shots! I love the statue - nice work Barb.
    Everything is so different..and wonderous! Looking forward to following your journeys!

  2. yay! great pictures!
    can't wait to see the statu-esque poses as well.
    missed you at crazy days, went great, great powder day.
    more pics! more pics!

  3. It snowed here today! Happy 1st day of Spring! We plan on looking at the blog everyday. Love you, Tassia and Silas

  4. Great to see your pics and read your story. Looking forward to more so I can have travel adventures through you. Take care and enjoy!