Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I was climbing around on some cliffs like places off the trail and there was this narrow canyon type place and I looked down and there were these birds.
I looked them up in the bird book when I got back and can't find them, there was something similar without the little head bump and yellow throat....
Perhaps this is the winter/spring dressing of the cormorant?
The puffins are back early this year, did you notice them in a garden foto?
There are many birds and they are announcing spring with a cacophony for sure. I can't identify many of them, but have been looking through the bird book furiously. There are loads of greylag geese and water birds, wishing I had binocs!
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  1. The black bird with the yellow near its mouth is a Shag (phalacrocorax Aristotelis).

  2. It is very similar to the cormorant. The common name originates from the word 'skegg' which is Old Norse for beard (referring to the bird's crest).

    Where are the puffin pics?

  3. Puffin show up in the garden fotos.

  4. oh THANX" I knew it wasn't a cormorant but folks here were trying to convince me that it was.
    The color and top knot just didn't make sense. And the bird book here didn't have the Skegg.