Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Gallane Standing Stone

This stone was on the way to Drom beag (Drombeg, in english) stone circle.
The foto of the road that we took is below. There we stone walls/fences on either side of this narrow lane, it was difficult to see over them and we had to keep climbing up to peer over so as not to miss the stone.
Lots of cows and sheep within the stone wall lined pastures, it was very stinky in some places.

We took the bus from Cork to Rosscarberry, we thought that we were supposed to disembark in Clonakilty, a town further inland, to get to stone circles and standing stones, but thankfully right when we got off the bus we asked this warden how to get there and where to catch the return bus and he directed us to get back on the bus and go to Rosscarberry.
It was quite a distance, so we are thankful we inquired!
Once we got to Rosscarberry, we found a map posted in the town centre and found that there were a plethora of sites within walking distance.
We didn't get to even half of them,but what we did get to was well worth it.
We spent the entire day walking.

The only map we could find of the sites, and we inquired all over town!

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  1. That road is so cool..the walls on either side are like neverending gardens. What causes the stinky smell? Just cows?