Sunday, March 25, 2012

Clach a Choin~Dog Stone

Legend has it that this is where the ancient heroic warrior of Celtic mythology, Fionn MacCumhail, (Fingal) would chain his massive dog, Bran.
As Bran circled and struggled, chained to the stone by an enormous chain, the base of the stone was worn down.
Local legend has it that you can still hear Brans ghostly howls and wails at times.

There is a sign posted on this gate that reminds people it is a private drive and neither goes to the stone or the castle.

Some men were fishing off this point with tripods and really big fishing poles.

The sunny kitchen at Jeremy ingles Hostel where I am staying.
Super nice hosts! Very friendly space, small and inexpensive and right in the centre of town. I am up 3 flights of narrow stairs.

Looking toward the north (where the castle is) from main street in Oban.

Looking south toward the ferry terminal and the train station from the same location.

And directly forward, same spot.


  1. Beautiful. Looked these over, forgot what I was about to do, and immediately ran for a map. Thank you!

  2. Your photos are fabulous and I feel like I am traveling with you. Can we meet your friends? Are you getting around only by foot?