Thursday, December 17, 2009

Troy Kids

Troy is a good, old fashioned, Norman Rockwell type of town.
I really love that about it. Kids still play outside, all the time.
Yesterday on my way to work it was terribly icy and it was
lightly freezing raining on top of all of our snow that we had gotten
and the town streets and sidewalks we really thick and messy.
There on the road side was a young boy (first or second grader-ish) riding his bike to school, pulling his sled behind him with his backpack on. It was like 4-by-cycling!
Sometime in the middle of the day it began raining in earnest, the street crews were bustling to get things cleared and the world as we knew it was turning to deep, thick moosh in short order! UGh!
When i was packing my car to leave for the day, in my alaskan rain boots, I looked up because I heard a noise, and it was a young girl, (I am thinking 3rd grade), riding her bike in her one piece snowsuit and whistling at the top of her lungs!
She was not going very fast as she was riding through thick slush, but she was happily persevering as she whistled her way to her destination!
Now that is what I am talking about in Troy!


  1. New pic...neat. I love your Norman R Style of both thought and writing.You are LIVING my generations lifestyle that hasn't been seen here for over 50 years. You are VERY FORTUNATE to live in that truly fairytell setting, in that gorgeous state.I cherish every day of my youth, and love to tell our kids and grandchildren aboot 'how it usta be when life was GOOD'.

  2. I am Uncle Jeffrey....not 'anonymous. This comment area sux for posting, just like ours.
    Uncle Jeffrey