Thursday, December 24, 2009

December 24th

AKA Christmas Eve.
Why don't other holidays have "Eve's"?
I worked most of the day and then made a stop at the grocery store on the way home...Oh MY! Everyone else in town was there too!
Then I stopped at a small Lake that is on the way home to do an "ice check" and ended up skating for an hour the ice was SO good!
The formations shown above were in the ice, I think one looks like a snowflake, most of them did, but notice how the second one looks like a frog! The NW Montana version of crop circles!
When I got home, for some nutty reason, I made homemade marshmallows, they are really good and it was a very fun science project! We shall roast them over an open fire on New Years Eve!
Then I got Mike to go skating on Bull Lake with me.
It has a skiff of snow on it, but you can't tell with skates on!
Look how beautiful it is in the gloaming of the day!

Both shots are taken with the camera sitting right on the ice and the timer set. I didn't make it into this shot, but you can see my skate track!


  1. Frog, my EYE! Someone drowned in that icehole....I know it. You're just part of the Chamber of Commerce trying to cover it up. I've seen sharks in that lake too. They hang out by iceholes.
    Uncle Jeff

  2. I KNOW there are iceholes in Montana!
    Unk Jeff