Thursday, December 10, 2009


Throops Lake.
My friend, Wanda, lives here.
It is a small Lake tucked up against the Kootenai River.
This is what it looks like when covered with a crystal clear, 4 inch
layer of ice in the gloaming of the day!
(it really was much lighter outside than the foto indicates.)
These are my skate tips framed by the fake fur on this lovely embroidered Russian looking overcoat that Molly gave me and by my insulated, hand-me-down carhardtt bib overalls....My skating uniform.
The white spots are frozen bubbles inbedded in the ice. I shall do my best to make certain they are more accurately represented when I skate in full daylight tomorrow!

This is what my living room looks like on a sub-zero Montana evening, post skating and after a hot shower!
Towel drying on the rack, sk8s warming by the fire, the fire blazing like a crazy inferno, gloves and hat and sk8 spikes resting on the chair, cat on the other chair and random shoes hanging out by a sketch pad....what you can't see is the unfolded laundry in the other chair!


  1. Are you keeping up with my new 'blog' that Meeg made for my Birthday? You need to read it daily.Required.
    Need more pics an' stuff on yer blog...i'm gettin' tired of Throops Lake every day.
    Hey ta Mike...I likem the Tacoma/poptop.

  2. I am Uncle Jeffrey , and it list me as 'anonymous'.
    What happened to 'Porcupine Creek'? That was a goot name!
    Unk Jeff