Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Well, it started Saturday and it hasn't stopped yet.
The snow, that is.
It is very light as the weather has been quite cold still.
I am sure the ice is good beneath its white blanket,
but it is too deep to skate well anymore.
Sometime in the night the snow turned to freezing rain.
I am not sure how that happens, how it can rain at 27°!?
Anyway, I couldn't park my car in the garage or carport last night
as the garage is full of basement stuff and the freshly planed wood for the basement walls and the carport was full of Mikes car and my car looked like a glazed donut this morning! AND it did not just scrape off! I had to turn on the car and turn up the heat and loosen the layer before scraping!
Needless to say, the roads are "slicker than slime on a slipper" this morning! WoooooHOooo! Montana Winters, you never know what you are gonna get! The neighbor, Eric of the BarbErics, was plowing this morning for the first time and if the weather holds, I am thinking runner sledding might be the next winter activity for this winter girl!
Stayed tuned for your Montana winter updates!

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