Thursday, July 12, 2012

Office Garden

 In 2007, when we moved into this office space,
the Troy Chamber of Commerce graciously
provided us with these two oak barrels.
I excitedly purchased plants and got them growing
only to be disapointed in their performance.
 It turns out that oak barrels set upon asphalt against the front of the building
is just too tough of an environment for most blooming things
that you can find around here to fill your pots with.
I have struggled each year to find something hardy/hearty enough to thrive.
 This year I had this "Eureka" moment and decided to try tomatoes!
Check it out!
They are thriving! I wish I had thought of this way before now!
These are amazing compared to my maters at home!
I already ate a grape tomato off one of these plants!
Now I am thinking of making some kind of raised bed to put along
the shop building that is onsite here and having a big, town tomato garden!
Phooey on even trying to grow them at home!
(that is City Hall down the street on the corner)
Not pictured:
The "compound that this office sits on is mostly fenced with chain link and there are two "pole barns",
one houses our field supplies and is home to our field crew and the other has been converted to a labratory for soil samples. I have brought plants from home and planted them along the front fence and part of the front of the shop and I planted a few trees this spring as well.
The "lab guys" are now catching on and have helped turn the dirt patches into a hardscrabble lawn of sorts.
The place is starting to cheer up a bit.
We don't have much for soil and I haven't ammended it, I have enough of that to do at home.
BUT, one of the lab guys was just elected mayor, and The City of Troy is our landlord, so I am hoping/have put in my order for some assistance as far as fertilizer and stuff like that.....overflow from park maintenance... Crossing my fingers!

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