Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Late July Garden

Some of the spoils I brought in from the garden yesterday evening.
The plant in the middle is purslane, a weed, to most.
It is super good for you and tasty.
In Turkey it is a common vegetable.
One more weed I don't have to pull.
Part of my "permaculture" gardening!
 The peas are starting to come on and My! are they tasty.
 I planted raspberries when we first moved to the property.
They never really did anything, so after years of fussing over them
and trying to get them to produce, I yanked them out.
These are the survivors, {or as many of you know, you cn never get rid of raspberries!}
growing in the fringes of the compost pile.
They are not big, succulent berries like my neighbors have, but they are tasty little devils,
and more permaculture, to boot!
Everyone wants to see a nice foto of lettuce, right?!
Just helping you out!
The garden has a fair amount of flowers.
It just has to!
Clematis is having a really great year.
And these are the first blooms off the rose bushes that I planted last year!
Here's hoping they grow big and wild and cover the arbor like I have planned for them!
Some struggling tomaters in the background!
And poppies are everywhere.
They re-seed themselves like crazy and I have a really hard time
pulling them, so they are sprinked all over the garden.
{well out in the yard a bit too if I am honest!)

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