Monday, July 9, 2012

Lake Livin'

The weather was hot this weekend.
We puttered about the home and yard most the day and then headed
out to the Lake for the heat of the afternoon and into the evening.
We packed food and growlers of beer,
and shared meals with our gracious host,
who shared delicious wine and cheese and other treats.

You can't tell by the above shot, but the Lake was busy
for the most part. It quieted down tremendously on Sunday.
But in Z's neighborhood alone on Friday and Saturday
there was this herd of girls from 8 to 13 years old
and probably 8 to 13 of them (it seemed like).
I did some hair braiding. A LOT of braiding one evening!
While I was braiding hair,
the guys were busy putting together these
gorgeous pizzas!
I was out past the bouys for a late swim after a particularly long braiding session
when they called me in for a lovely dinner on the deck!
How spoiled is that?!
The yard is teaming with flowers.

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