Monday, July 16, 2012

CARD Foundation Fundraiser Concert

or, Now I know I don't ever want to be a "roadie" initiation!
Sawyer Brown
These three fotos were taken by my friend Mary Tevebaugh.
I was working the beer booth,
so I didn't get to take fotos.
The back drop of the Cabinet Mountains is Amazing!
From the beer booth it was even better.
Then I escaped the beer booth at the end of the night
and got to dance a bit and I took a couple fotos from the field.
(I took one foto for Margeaux as this is her HS classmate,Meghan, in the band "Troubadore".)

Mikes volunteer job was to help disassemble the stage after the show.
We had the camper parked onsite, back in the woods.
So I joined in.
We worked till 4 am!
See what I mean about not wanting to be a "roadie"!
It was really fascinating to take everything apart and load it like a puzzle into the waiting semi trailer.
It is quite the process!
Thankfully, there were many volunteers, as there was a lot of heavy lifting!
I was hoping that there was some button they pushed and it would do that
whole "transformers" thing and with a bit of help and a few loosened bolts,
turn into this neat package that wheeled into the truck!
There were miles of heavy cables, speakers of all shapes and sizes, Oh MAN!
They were super appreciative of the help, really nice guys, those stage and lights people!

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