Monday, July 16, 2012

Badminton Night

Mike and I joined a badminton "league".
A local group that pooled $$ and bought a regulation badminton set.
We play every other Thursday in the summer.
Mike and I haven't made every one.
There is a potluck at each event.
Last session, on Thursday, was at Milnor Lake.
Above is the foto, that long thing is a boardwalk through the wetland out to the Lake.
I rode my bike to work that day.
I rode to the Lake, which is only 4.5 miles from town and then swam across and back before badminton.
It seemed like it was 150° Thursday! The swim saved my life!
It used to be that we just played as couples.
I think that some people then thought that they had a perpetually bad partner!
This was Mikes first time.
This was also the first time that they put names in a hat and drew partners!
It was pretty fun!
So Mike and I played against each other rather than as partners.
Next time it is at our house.

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