Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wild Apple Tree

 Last night was a gorgeous evening!
I got home and headed out to the garden
where I weeded and planted and dug
and mulched till 8:30.
Then a neighbor came down and we took a 4 mile walk around the 'hood.
(I found my old pedometer, and calibrated it with mile markers on
Camp Creek Road so I know the distance!)
It doesn't get dark till well after 10 at this time of year,
it is really wonderful to have a good 5 hours of light when
I get home from work to totally exhaust myself!
On the way back up the driveway after my walking loop,
I was reminded by the smell and then the blooms
of this wild apple tree.
Isn't she just gorgeous?!
Perfect light of day for fotos!

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