Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Playing with the new camera

 Oregon Grape
(trying out the macro)
 So, it is seeming like our yard and the general world around us is greening up rapidly, like it truly is spring and the greys and browns of winter are behind us, but then I look at these fotos and it doesn't seem as green as it is in my mind. I suppose it is a matter of perspective! The fotos from friends and family in other places are super green, they have mowed their lawns....
Lawn mowing is still out there in the future for us.
Which is not a bad thing!
 I got a variety pack of daffodils last year,
and this is one of the suprise varieties!
Love them!
what is weird is that they were all mixed up in the bag and then I mixed them up further by pouring them out and schlepping them around the yard and down the driveway,
but these two rows in the garden are all one variety!
 Baby red orach.
It needs thinned badly, but I want it to get a wee bit bigger before I thin it
so that I can eat what I thin out!
 And Wow!
It is early, but it has been unseasonably warm,
so asparagus is up!
So, that is usually an indicator that the morels are up too,
I must go hunting and gathering!
The big, plain, basic variety.
I Love the burst of sunshine
that daffodils invoke!
I plant more and more
every year!.
Someday, perhaps there will
be a carpet of them up and down
the driveway.

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