Monday, May 21, 2012

Troy Bike Shop

 'tis the season!
I love the quirky-ness of this place!
Dennis was a teacher for years, he is now retired.
Well, retired to the garden and bike shop.
The shop used to be open after school and weekends.
Now it is open most the time, but sometimes you have to go find Dennis in the garden....
He gardens.
Every square inch of available space is garden and he even gardens at the neighbors if they let him.
 Don't you love this one!
The jump cracks me up!
See the rhubarb peeking out along the garage?
That 2 feet between the garage and the ally...Garden!
I am not exaggerating, he has garden plots everywhere!
Here he is.
Not the greatest foto.
He was saying, "what are you doing?"
and I didn't want to over foto my welcome!

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