Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Camping with the Hamers

 The shed/house is coming along,
not nearly fast enough for Natassia!
 It is much further along than this now.
The upstairs is wired and insulated and the interior walls
are on and taped and mudded.
 This is a close-up example of some of the fine details that will really shine in the finished product.
 And here is how they are living while they build!
Pretty posh camping accomodations!
You can see a bit of the bus in the background of the "bedroom".
The kitchen is really nice.
 These all the old cabinets that Natassia and I have been cleaning, sanding and painting.
Silas put a cedar counter top on and the sink runs cold water.
 The water source.
And the glorious view of the adjacent meadow,
the garden will be in the foreground where you can see they have burned.
Mike and I went over for the weekend in our camper and worked
and had good food and lovely campfires!

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