Monday, May 7, 2012

Hamer House

 Natassia and Silas are moving to their property.
Today is their last day in the rental they have been occupying.
Mike went over Friday morning and I joined them Friday night,
we all worked all weekend getting things ready on the property.
The guys has the floor base done by Friday night
and put the boards on Saturday.
Silas tore down a house for some folks and got all the salvage materials for free.
So they are set in many ways.
 This is the bus Tassia used to live in when she was a River Guide.
Now it is their storage unit.
 We made good use of building scraps and debris from cleaning up the property
on good warming and cooking fires.
It was cool, overcast and often rainy on Fridya and Saturday.
The sun came out for us on Sunday.
 We enjoyed delicious and gourmet dutch oven dinners.
Elk roast, local potatoes and brussels sprouts,
followed by fresh rhubarb cobbler.

 It was also "Super Moon" weekend!
We were all pretty exhausted by moontime!
 Yesterday Mike and Silas got both gable ends raised.
Mike cut all the wood for the other two sides.
They move out of their rental this evening!
Silas thought he'd have the roof on by then.
This is a shed. They are going to live in it while he builds a timberframe structure
on the property that will be the house.
The plan is to do that right away. They timbers are all ready.
The shed is a rent saver. They shower at the gym.
All the materials are salvaged!
Natassia and I scrubbed, sanded and painted some metal kitchen cabinets
that were salvaged from the house Silas tore down.
They turned out really nice!
This shed will be a great "craft house" once they move into the house.
It will have an upstairs loft with a bed, and will serve as the
guesthouse/"mother-in-law" house!
 (read between the lines~a place for Mike and I to stay when we come to work!)
I love the floors! The wood is gorgeous!
you cannot really see it here that well, but there is great color happening!
All of the materials are beautiful.
Those old 2X4's have gorgeous tight grain.
This is a sweet little place.

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  1. My kinda livin', looks good Mama 'Shell!