Friday, June 3, 2011

June's Bustin' Out Allover!

 Any guesses on what my favorite color is?
I got waylaid on my way out to the car this morning by these beauties
in the light of the morning.
 It is a gray-ish morning, but still, there is something about early morning light
that you can just feel.
I didn't ride my bike this day as I have after work obligations
AND I forgot to put fuel in my car and barely had enough to make it
to town again, so with the onset of the weekend, I drove.
And I feel a bit jilted missing out on the wonderful smells of blooms
all the way to work and the mist rising off the streams
and the deer looking at me, like "what kind of weird animal is that"?
But the weekend promises sunshine and free time
and what more can a girl ask for?
Wild abandon.

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