Monday, June 20, 2011

Goddess Weekend

 Some highlights from the weekend:
Canoeing, hoop construction (and instruction and play)

 Pedicures and rock climbing (in the Cedar Grove)
 Look who is up!
Sleeping on the porch because of the rain.
However, we didn't have much rain...just a few night time sprinkles.
 and thankfully, no mosquitos!
Some of the interior ambience.

Not shown in fotos: skinny-dipping (we dipped daily, each morning before yoga and breakfast), yoga, eating...Oh My! the food! It was amazing and delicious and more than plentiful! Drumming by the fire and twirling sparklers....Massage, lots of massage!
It was restful and wonderful! New friends were made and I'd venture to say, more than one person is probably on a diet today!

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